Free Email Readings

Each week Free Readings 4U offers 3 free email readings:

For a small sum (£5, €7,  $8) you can alternatively buy a reading.

Free Crystal Ball Readings are available online.  We do not offer free email readings with the crystal ball.

Please note that the free email readings are exactly the same as those you pay for.

If you are a winner, your free email reading will be sent to you within 24 hours of the draw.  If you do not hear from us, this means you weren’t selected for a free email reading.  The selection is random and no matter how pressing your need, we do not respond to requests for free readings other than by the proper method as indicated on the relevant free reading pages.

If your entry does not win, you can continue to enter each week.  Indeed even if you are a lucky winner and get your free reading one week, there is nothing to stop you entering again the following week.

Duplicate entries will result in permanent disqualification of your email address.

Please make sure you email for your free reading from the correct page.