Free Angel Readings


We offer free angel readings by email once a week.  Every Monday one person is chosen at random for a free angel reading.  If you prefer you can buy an angel reading.

Free Angel Readings

In order to be eligible for your free reading it is important you follow these instructions carefully.  When the winner of the free angel reading is selected, they will not qualify unless all the information is present and correct.  You must also have requested entry for your free angel reading using the correct email address shown below in the instructions.

Please note:  We do NOT contact anyone other than the winner and all email addresses are instantly deleted after the free angel reading is sent to the winner.

  • Select your 3 angel cards here or leave blank on the entry form and they will be chosen for you

  • Please specify whether your are male or female

  • Type your full name and your date of birth into our free readings contact form

Please do not contact us asking whether you have won or whether you can have a free angel reading anyway.  We get many of these every week and cannot reply.  If you don’t win a free reading this time, just enter again next week.

 If you don’t win one of our Free Angel Readings then perhaps you may like to buy one of our paid Angel Readings

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