Contacting Angels

First ask your angels to help you hear them and to understand their messages.


Remember these 5 things when your try to contact your angels.

  • Breathing. When we’re concentrating we often hold our breath. This blocks us from hearing the messages and letting the Angels through. Breathe deeply and slowly when you contact your angels. It’s often easier to hear your angels when you’re outside in nature, or near water sources.  The bathroom?

  • Relax. Trying too hard prevents Angel communication. Relax your body with your breath. Be in a receptive state, and ask your angels to help you release any tension in your mind or body as they begin their contact.

  • Follow their guidance. Ask them how to improve contact with them. Ask for their guidance in this regard, and always follow whatever guidance you receive.

  • Ask for signs. If you’re unsure whether you’re accurately healing your angels, ask them to give you a sign. Not only is this practical it’s also a lot of fun.

  • The angels speak to us in many ways.  If you feel that you’re in contact with an angel, then you probably are. Ask your angels to help you recognize their signs and messages, and soon you’ll notice them all around you.

Good luck with contacting your angels.