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I am Susie Clarke and Readings 4U is my site offering clairvoyant readings, tarot readings, angel readings, past life readings and even a free crystal ball reading.

Past Life Readings

These are genuine individual readings, not computer generated, and I promise you will find them nowhere else on the net.  I am retirement age and follow in the footsteps of my clairvoyant mother who passed to spirit in 2003 age 73, having worked for spirit all her life.

I will help you choose the reading that’s right for you if you wish.

Much of the work I do for spirit is for charity and other worthwhile causes.  If you feel you would like the proceeds from your reading to go to charity, I will honor that wish.

The reading you choose will bring answers to your questions about many things including past lives and your present life mission.  It will guide you with matter of the heart and finance or changes in life direction.

Free Readings

Psychic Readings

Psychic comes from the Greek meaning Soul

Clairvoyant comes from the French words Clair (Clear) and Voyant (Seeing)